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Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala :: Day Trips


We organize special day trips for the benefits of our guests. We offer customised tours or trips depending on your liking and requisites. Based on your interests’ and your needs, we offer an individual cab service to ferry you to the places of choice that can be covered as a Day Trip. Alternatively, we have also tied up with a few Travel Houses who will arrange your trips all complete with a travel guide and other added benefits. The Day trips are organized to places that you can visit and return back to the resort on the same day. Therefore, Day Trips can happen anywhere to nearby beaches, dams, waterfalls, museums, temples, churches, palaces, amusement parks and other nearby places of interest.

Therefore, if beaches are your flavour, then you could visit beaches like the Nattika Beach, or Chavakkad Beach and other little beaches dotting along the coastline. If you would like to visit lush waterfalls, then the breathtaking Athirampally and Vazhachal waterfalls are perfect. If you want to experience Kerala culture and traditions and learn a thing or two about the history of the place, a visit to museums and old palaces and of course the Kerala Kalamandalam, the famed school of Performing Arts, Dances and Art Forms is of course a very different and captivating experience. Or if you want to experience the divine, the resort is in the vicinity of many temples that are significant and inimitable.

Whatever is the mood of the hour, the availability and of course, the changing seasons that do determine certain factors, a day trip is a wholesome and complete experience in itself.

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