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As the story unfolds at Ayuryogashram, tracing back its historical lineage and walking down memory lane, the Ayuryogashram building or ‘tharavad’ was once a ‘nalukettu’ which showcases a unique Kerala style of architectural design that features an open inner courtyard or a nadumittam that is encased within the building.

The longstanding architecture of this heritage home does deserve a mention. Back in the days, the building was thoughtfully designed to house large families in a traditional household or ‘tharavad’ wherein many families resided under one roof. The science of carpentry or Thatchu Shasthra and traditional Vastu were the design’s guiding forces. Great ventilation, naturally cooler interiors and unique architectural design are its standout elements. The uniqueness of the open courtyard or nadumittam can be best experienced during the monsoons, when we can sit back and savor the rain as it envelops the open courtyard and the rainwater is contained just within that little courtyard and the water does not permeate into the building interiors.

It was in this over a 100-year-old heritage building, that the idea sprouts of an Ayurvedic resort actually took shape. And the person behind it all, who envisaged a concept relatively new to him, had the foresight to indulge and further his dream and make it an absolute reality, a resort that has a pan India and a global appeal, growing steadily and going strong for over a decade hence, is Mr. MPK Nair. An octogenarian, who was in the highest echelons of the corporate world and who much into his retired life, decided to convert his family heritage property into an Ayurvedic resort and thus Ayuryogashram came into being…

Ayuryogashram, a renowned Kerala Ayurveda wellness center where we offer the best ayurvedic treatment in Kerala.

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