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Ayurvedic cure for Diabetes Ayuryogashram
Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala :: Diabetes


Are you suffering from Diabetes?
Are you worried that you might end up swallowing pills for the rest of your life?
Are you thinking of healing it with natural, Ayurvedic treatments?

Kudos, you are thinking right.

Ayuryogashram, an Ayurvedic treatment centre, located in Thrissur, Kerala is the right place for you. Read further and you’ll understand why.

About the disease

Diabetes Mellitus is the condition in which the blood sugar (glucose) levels are high. The food that we eat is converted into glucose and is used as a source of energy. This is done by Insulin, the hormone released from pancreas. Insulin maintains the blood glucose levels; otherwise an increase (Hyperglycaemia) or decrease (Hypoglycaemia) in those levels might cause health issues to the individual. Due to certain metabolic disorders, the body does not produce adequate amount of insulin (Type 1 Diabetes) or the body does not respond to the insulin and becomes resistant to it (Type 2 Diabetes). The symptoms of Diabetes include frequent urination, weight loss/gain, excessive thirst, excessive hunger, blurred vision, fatigue, unhealed wounds, etc. Diabetes may also affect pregnant women (Gestational diabetes).

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The best way to treat Diabetes

Diabetes cannot be treated by taking medicine alone. It requires a change in lifestyle, a healthy diet, physical exercises, etc. How about a place that exposes you to a completely refreshing environment, provides you the best Ayurvedic treatments along with Yoga exercises that heal not only the disease but also your mind and soul and rejuvenate you as a whole? Ayuryogashram, as mentioned before, is the haven we are talking about.

“The best Ayurvedic treatments, Yoga, the right diet, natural environment, all in one place. Ayuryogashram is waiting for you to discover.”

What Our Clients Say

  • "The staff have been absolutely wonderful, as usual. they are always amiling and they really make you feel very special. The massage is fantastic. The staff in the kitchen are so service minded, you get whatever you ask for no problems. The doctors are very caring and professional. We really appreciate the familiar feeling at Ayuryogashram and the possibility to get close to the staff."

  • "Hello, to the team at Ayuryogashram, We like to thank you all for your kind services and treatment rendered to us during our stay here. We appreciate all the friendly, smiling faces, May God Bless all you."

  • "( What an experience!. I will always cherish the wonderful time I had at Ayuryogashram ) Thank you ! Thank You! Thank You!"

  • "I spend a beautiful time in this Ashram. all of them were so nice with me. I will nerver forget!!. I hope to get the possibiliti to come again. I love all you !! gerda"

  • "I have lost 15 Kgs, All because of the treatment and food. Will be back with more people for a better healthier life. Staff were wonderful especially, Dinesh, Ramesh, Diaz, Noufir, Radha and Bindu. I also loved the walks I had with Mr. Nair although he doesn't talk."