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Living with Obesity isn’t easy. The heaviness, breathlessness, difficulty in physical activity, the body pains, the sweating, the tiredness and what not. Apart from these, other problems obese people encounter include, being tired of futile diet plans, panicking at the sight of the weighing machine, low self esteem and depression.

Obesity has become the most common health issue, recording over 10 million cases per year in India. The major contributors to this are found to be imprudent eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. Obesity is found in both children as well as adults.

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Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to check whether a person is normal in weight, underweight, overweight or obese considering their height and weight. Being Obese is different from being Overweight. Overweight is when the body weight is higher than the normal weight, caused due to muscle, water content, bone, fat in the body. Obesity is due to the accumulation of too much fat content in the body.




Below 18.5



Normal weight



Above 30.0



Obesity has the risk of tagging along with it diseases such as diabetes, joint disorders, cardiovascular disorders and certain cancers. Hence weighing right is not just a beauty conscious factor but a life saving factor, essential for a healthy, long life.

Most obese people lose hope after trying certain weight loss remedies, diet plans, etc and come to a conclusion that perfect weight is just a pipe dream. What if we say it is not so? The solution to your problems is waiting for you to discover in a tranquil environment in Thrissur, Kerala. Ayuryogashram, one of the best Ayurvedic treatment centres, is the right place for you to get better. Experience the best Ayurvedic treatments and therapies and aim for complete wellness. A change in diet is not enough to treat obesity. Hence along with effective ayurvedic treatments, Ayuryogashram offers Yoga sessions and special diets that help you become healthy the natural way which is always the right way.

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