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Meditation and its impact on a Mental, Physical, and Social Plane

2016-03-18      17:27:24

Meditation and its impact on a Mental, Physical, and Social Plane

"Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end." -Jiddhu Krishnamurti

Our present day lives

Stress, fast paced lives, constantly being on the move and planning, pondering, plotting, thinking ahead, we are always preparing and forecasting for the future, thinking of what we have to do, get done and scheduling all work aspects. But we fail to see the present, plan for the now and we grossly overlook that. Why is there no time to spare, pause, or take a break even? There is an underlying agitation that runs within us, that we are never restful, at peace or even calm on the outer or even on the inside. And in the event, we never relax but continue leading stress-laden lives, willfully carrying around its baggage.

And interestingly, we are so clued-in about the dos and don'ts of everyday life and working that we are not planning ahead or even on a day-to-day basis, to give ourselves some me time. To pause, refresh, and give our minds the much needed rest, boost and a break so that we are more refreshed, energetic and enriched to deal with the dramas of everyday living.


Stress and its ill effects on mind, body, soul

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

And not to miss, we are all that much more aware and know about the health ramifications and what the silent killer, stress can do to all of us. It is definitely a silent killer and worms its way into us, unknown to us and manifests in different forms, be it sickness, sleeplessness, anxiety, physical discomfort and even gives way to more deadly diseases like heart problems, diabetes, lifestyle sicknesses, pains and aches on the physical level. On the mental level, we are agitated, we feel something amiss, and we are never happy or feel complete or even identify with ourselves.

And if stress becomes a part of our system, thanks to our tight work deadlines, pressures, sound, noise pollution, our mind and body is a verdant play-field for stress to rule and cause unending misery. Yes. We are all informed after the fact, so if we are detected with an illness which will definitely find its root cause in stress, then we do take measures in the form of medications, treatments, diets and restrictions and we adhere to the medical script hoping that we can beat the illness or contain it. But why wait till we fall sick? Why not nip it in the bud? Why even allow it to become a part of our system? Are there ways to counter it? What awareness building measure do we engage in?

Well, a universal remedy for all of this, the much known, but also unknown, a practice that is unnoticed, it is, Meditation.

Meditation and its powerful reach

"When there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt."

Awareness of meditation has transcended many areas, domains and globally too it is gaining acceptance. We cannot really pinpoint its origins, but yes, it may have originated in India and is definitely a manifestation of Yoga and Ayurvedic principles and philosophies.

So what is Meditation? "It is a practice where the mind is guided to a certain state of consciousness so as to calm and quiet the intellect and the resultant experience, the peaceful state of mind is what meditation seeks to achieve."

And innumerable studies have proves its positive effects. If you seek more inspiration to meditate, check out what studies have shown on what levels or planes, meditation can be beneficial for you:

On a physical plane and healthfulness

  • With meditation, handling of pain levels becomes better. Therefore the sensation, intensity, and extent of pain can definitely be lowered.
  • Meditation helps combat stress and reduces the production of the stress hormone, cortisol and overall immunity levels increase.
  • Sleeplessness can be treated, as the mind is calmer and it is easier to go to sleep.
  • Studies have proven that even hypertension can be kept at bay with regular meditation.
  • People prone to strokes, with coronary sicknesses, regular, meditation helped reduce the risk of heart attacks and even strokes.

On the intellectual plane

  • Concentration levels are boosted. And performance levels are up with the practice of meditation.
  • Improved memory, better decision making abilities are aided by meditation.
  • Even patients suffering from depression, find help here.
  • Awareness-building and being able to manage and keep stress at bay can be achieved via meditation.

On a social and group plane

  • On a social plane, meditation helps people to listen better. As with meditation, focus and attention improves.
  • People are much calmer, peaceful, and happier as stressful situations are managed and kept at bay.
  • A person learns to introspect and understand oneself better, to learn, love, and respect themselves and this leads to confidence and the ability to understand and handle experiences well. There is literally a state of preparedness at all times.
  • Even at work or meetings, addressing people, speaking and listening, meditation, guides people to speak calmly and to also listen intently.

With India being one of the major hubs where the practices of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation are practiced intensely, and if you would like to experience and understand and benefit from all of these practices, then a visit to Kerala, a State in India and more so a visit to Ayuryogashram, in Thrissur, Kerala, an Ayurvedic wellness resort will help you discover the path to meditation and better so, hone and learn the simple art of Meditation!

Experiencing, learning and then to adapt, follow and practice Meditation is a panacea to many ills!