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Global Wellness Day

2016-06-14      16:28:23

Did you know? June 11th is Global Wellness Day

"One day can change your whole life." - Global Wellness Day Quote

What is Global Wellness Day? Global Wellness Day is about adopting nutrition, exercise, and healthy living. By eating healthy, sleeping on time, and spending more time with loved ones. It is celebrated every year, on June 11th. And why is this important? Because Wellness and healthy living is everything. It is of utmost importance. Without good health, happiness, and peace, there is no point living and nothing really matters if we don't have these key aspects of life in place or in our control. Since all of us like the idea to stay fit, healthy, active, happy and to live full meaningful lives and not to miss, look young and good and feel good from both within and outside and have a complete sense of fulfillment both mentally and physically, this thoughtful initiative was planned to have a day marked for our wellness. And thus came about the Global Wellness Day. The day is marked by activities, campaigns, events, drives and promotions so as to spread the awareness, and motivate and persuade people to make the right choices in life by living healthy.
The main endeavors of the Global Wellness Day would be:
  • To understand and value our lives
  • To stop and think, about wellness, even if it is for a day
  • To learn to be stress-free and to give up bad practices
  • To learn to be content and peaceful within
  • To spread the message of wellness, living healthy and to encourage everyone to follow it not just for a day but the whole year
When and where did it start? The Global Wellness Day initiative was first celebrated in the year 2012. It first started in Turkey, and the Global Wellness Day was declared on June 11th. Its ideology was that this day was devoted to learning to live well and it was aimed as a global message so that many more countries would join and observe this and spread the message of wellness and wellbeing. Gradually, this well-meaning message has reached 7 continents, 87 countries, with 70 wellness ambassadors worldwide. And on June 11th 2016, at least 250 million people are expected to participate in the over 3000 events planned for year 2016, all endeavoring to achieve one target or to spread the message of Wellness to one and all. And asking all participants to do just do one thing, say Yes to wellness! And thus live fuller, happy, healthy, and meaningful lives. On this day, the events planned for the day include a host of wellness activities like Yoga, exercise, aerobics, dance, zumba, meditation, walking, running, and many established and well-known holistic and wellness therapies. So as to spread awareness about wellness and everyone learns to improve, adopt, and adapt a couple of the prescribed wellness manifestos in their everyday lives.

7 Steps of the Global Wellness Day Program include:

  1. To walk for at least an hour
  2. To drink more water
  3. To not use plastic bottles
  4. To eat organic foods as much as possible
  5. To do a good deed or a good turn
  6. To try and eat together and have a family dinner everyday
  7. To sleep on time, preferably by 10:00 pm every night
The goal of the Global Wellness day is simple. It is all about, "How can I lead a fuller, healthier, and better life"? You can do it by saying Yes to Wellness! How do we adopt Wellness into our lives? We live erratic and fast paced lives. We just don't seem to have time for anything and everything and by the end of the day, we are tired, and exhausted and pretty much don't have time for anything, be it to take care of our health, exercise, relax, spend time with loved ones, and eat well, stay healthy and to sleep well. We seem to be majorly compromising on one or more of these and in the event, we not only end up hurting relationships, but we spoil and affect our health and sometimes beyond repair. Yes. It is understood, that we are not doing all of this on purpose or we are avoiding or ignoring any of this and it is not lack of awareness too. But we are all trying to earn our daily bread and meet family commitments and responsibilities and at the same time building for a secure future, the very essence that connects all this is slowly getting eroded. Work, stress, unhappiness, monotony, and strained relationships add to the kitty. And the long-term health problems and issues only gradually start surfacing as we grow older. And in order to excite our lives, partying, sleeplessness, alcohol, and smoking only worsen situations. Therefore, the adage, "better late than never," applies very well here. There is no time like the present, it is time that the aura of wellness is adopted and invited into our lives. And thereby, when we are aware of our wellness, our sleep, exercise, food, and diet is automatically noticed. And once these falls into place, everything else also fits into the puzzle really well. And we are not starved for time, but we do have time and we are able to dedicate it to everything that is important as part of the wellness program guidelines. Accordingly, based on the availability of time, we should go in for shorter, intense exercise, yoga or walking routines, be strong about our wellness initiatives for ourselves, our family and spread the message to our family and friends too. So that the whole community as a whole, starts adapting wellness and lead healthier lives and all that is required is to just say Yes to wellness. It is that simple! How would Ayuryogashram contribute to the Global Wellness Day Initiative? As Ayuryogashram is an Ayurvedic health and wellness resort nestled in verdant surroundings in Thrissur, Kerala, all Ayurvedic therapies, and treatments are aimed at just one thing, the healing of the mind, body, and soul and thus create an aura of wellness in all those who are here to relax, rejuvenate, and invigorate themselves. Also Yoga, an internationally acclaimed exercise with far-reaching benefits is practiced here under a trained practitioner and the Science of Ayurveda, prescribes wellness as one of its key attributes. Your wellness ritual is set in Ayuryogashram. Because here, it is all about wellness! To know more, please visit,