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Ayuryogashram and beyond: Mr. MPK Nair- Up, close and personal

2016-09-07      22:59:26

Ayuryogashram and beyond: Mr. MPK Nair- Up, close and personal..

By Priya Unni

If I were to describe or even relate to the Ayurvedic healthcare resort, Ayuryogashram, for me it instantly takes me to that quaint, distinctly charming, and picturesque locale.

Like anything that leaves an impression the very first time, or as the saying goes, "First impression is the best impression," and here in my case, it is a lasting impression that just stays with me or rather, is staying with me. My first visit to Ayuryogashram was on work and not as a guest. Yes. I was standing on the other side of the turf and I was to engage in some communications and writing for Ayuryogashram but that didnt take away what it felt like to be a guest at the place. And at that time, a couple pictures that I did see of the resort, didnt do any justice to what I actually saw first-hand.

From the word go, everything about the place is visually impacting. The very distinct and interesting thing about Ayuryogashram is that it let nature and the locales do a lot of the talking and everything else just seemed to fall in line or follow suit. That was what caught my attention and this struck me instantly. No attempt was made to overpower or overcome our senses, in terms of the landscape, building design or architecture or there was nothing that stood out in a way that didnt connect with the place.

And it is not every day that something like this happens. You dont step into a place and immediately connect to that place, the people and the warmth of the place instantly wraps you and this may be one of the many reasons why guests world over keep coming back here every time they get a chance.

Of course, all this does not happen independent of things or take a course of its own. There is a force de rigueur in the background. And what or who might that be? Well, I am referring to the founder of Ayuryogashram, Mr. MPK Nair, who is the visionary behind Ayuryogashram and who has gotten the resort to what it is today.

Mr MPK Nair, an octogenarian, will soon complete 84 golden years, and yes, like we say, age is just a number, and it is very evident here. A banker with many active years of service, he retired as the Chairman of the Federal Bank Ltd, Aluva, Kerala and moved to his ancestral home, post retirement.

And it is in this beautiful, ancestral home that the Ayurvedic healthcare resort, Ayuryogashram took birth about 15 years ago. Having had an active work life, staying retired was not Mr. MPK Nairs forte, he wanted to be actively engaged in something, and it was then that he envisioned something for the place and decided that he would set-up a resort that would showcase and capture elements of this century-old home and yet offer everything that an Ayurvedic resort has to offer. And as the idea took shape, it saw the birth of Ayuryogashram on September 11th, 2001.

The resort, Ayuryogashram has anything and everything that any Ayurvedic resort offers in Gods own country, Kerala. But what it does have is a specialty, it wears no pretences, there is a connect that the place offers and it reflects, first-hand the involvement of its founder, Mr. MPK Nair.

Even today, he is actively involved in the day-to-day machinations of the place, a man of few words, his vision and leadership is evident in the way the place has shaped out to be.

And for me, from my first interaction to now, I am definitely in awe of Mr. MPK Nair and he has been a source of inspiration for reasons more than one. Dreams are not limited to any age, we can start or do anything, anytime, all that it requires is a resolve and vision, and to channelize energies and thoughts in ways that generations ahead will take note and remember!

A farsighted thinker indeed! And I extend my warm wishes for a commendable landmark, Ayuryogashram completing 15 years and the 84th birthday of its perceptive-founder, Mr. MPK Nair.

It was an imbibing experience I learnt a lot and it will go a long way for me, and I am happy, that I was introduced to Ayuryogashram and its creator..