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15 Years of Ayuryogashram: A Tribute

2016-09-08      23:06:53

15 Years of Ayuryogashram: A Tribute

"If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday" Pearl S Buck

In the backdrop of this, quote, is the whole premise of the fact that we are here to celebrate and honor a lineage. A lineage, though only 15 years in the making, has a history behind it. Its a narrative that talks about how this lineage coupled with impressive history and times gone by, shaped the place, to what it is today. And the place we are referring to is, Ayuryogashram, an Ayurvedic resort in Parlikad, near Thrissur, Kerala and yes not to miss, in "Gods own country".

Stories and narratives- The Shaping of Ayuryogashram

The storyline here is aimed at capturing the 15 years that this resort, has stood ground, and held on firmly purely on the basis of the ethos and belief systems of the people behind it, and if not for anything, it is to spread wellness and to "Energize the body, stimulate the mind and calm the soul".

Ayuryogashram has definitely grown and we can assertively say, grown leaps and bounds, from something to somewhere to where it has a distinct presence of its own. There is a saying, "everybody has a story", likewise, any place or an initiative will have a background or a story to it and not to miss a healthy mix of interesting history to make the storyline that much more potent and eye-catching. Well, Ayuryogashram too has traces of all this and more and definitely makes for interesting reading and not to miss, it is interesting to talk and hear about too!

The storyline traces an ancestral home that was built over 100-years-ago, and which proudly wore the unique Kerala architecture, all complete with traditional design and setting and which its owner, MPK Nair, took a leap of faith in and decided to open doors to Ayurveda! And yes, 15 years ago, Ayuryogashram the, Ayurvedic health and wellness resort, took birth and gradually shaped up to what it is today!

Theres that something that is there here

In the backdrop of a quaint, inviting, calming, and beautiful environ that beckons you the moment you step in, is Ayuryogashram. Nothing here is over-the-top or nothing is amiss, there is nothing here that is make-believe, or wears a pretense or a facade. Everything about this place is actual and true to its beliefs. This holds good for the place, the people, the locale and also the services offered. There is something real and well-intended which a guest is sure to experience and feel too and this is what sets the ground for guests to come back time and again and spread the good word too.

It was after a lot of thought and deliberation that the now octogenarian, MPK Nair, decided to showcase, the unique to India, alternate health and wellness regime, Ayurveda. Like dreams and visions do the talking, the place was gradually transformed to offer guests, Ayurvedic therapies, treatments and services with a fully functional and operational in-house therapy and treatment center and which beckoned guests not just from within but world over too.

And gradually, the resort is standing and has stood the test of time, adapted where required but still held on firmly to practices and beliefs that were unique to the place. Sustainability, competitive pricing, customized packages and bespoke services have also given Ayuryogashram its well-deserved due and has served as a good prop too.

The place and the services

Ayuryogashram is like many other Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, yet distinctive. The similarities would of course be the locale, like most places in Kerala, Ayuryogashram too is nestled in a beautiful environ. And the place has on offer, all treatments and therapies and also well-equipped rooms and suites with the latest amenities. There are in-house doctors, a full-fledged Yoga center, a swimming pool, a banquet space and much more. But where it differs and stands out is the type and style of service. It is just not about catering to a person or offering a service, but the connect and bond established, goes a long way and is what appeals and makes it all the more noticeable. And if guests were to be asked, this is what most of them would resonate in unison.

The place, the people, the service 15 years ago, it was created and made operational, hoping to make a difference.., even though there were many who had treaded this path before, but it was the firm ideology of being original and making a difference to a person, offering relaxation, rejuvenation, reinvigoration and to offer all an overall sense of wellness, and as this quote sums up, "The more you let Ayurveda and Yoga in, the easier life gets."

Leaving you with your thoughts, and impressions, this powerful quote by Gautama Buddha only underlines it even more or why a visit to Ayuryogashram would do you a world of good, "To keep the body in good health is a duty... Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."